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When selling loans or mortgages you may have bouts of uninterest and a drop in sales because customers aren't coming to you. To solve this problem why not try branching out and marketing you product and services to a new audience at a business networking event near you. With an array of events happening on your doorstep, there's a whole new clientele waiting for your expert advice on loans and mortgages.

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There are a few companies and individuals who have fallen into deep financial crisis from loans and need expert advice to assist them during their time of trouble. Take a loan or mortgage you can easily repay. personal finance software can help one budget and see the amount of loan he can repay. Before you put pen to paper for that loan or mortgage here are a few things you may need to consider


For the sake of easy repayment you should take a loan or mortgage at the time when you have relatively few expenditures. Sign for them when you have no other regular repayments. Being able to service your loan proves to your partners that you are credible person. That increases their trust in you and in return you will continue to enjoy their services.

Total Loan or Mortgage Cost

Most mortgages or loans are taken for business purposes. The cost of the loan is the total amount paid monthly times the repayment period. This should tally help you gauge how much the loan is going to cost you. It is a figure that should be able to see if taking the loan is worthwhile. Many people taking loans or mortgages only look at the monthly contribution and forget the interest charged and the duration of repayment.

Interest Charged

Mortgages come as either fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgages. In the case of fixed rate the interest charged is fixed at a certain amount over the entire repayment duration. This type of mortgage is usually charged high because they take into account the risks like market changes in interest rate.

Adjustable interest rate mortgage is where the interest charged is liable to change, like monthly, in response to market changes. Here the risk of changes in interest rate is transferred to the consumer. This often results in lower initial rates.

The Income and Expenditure

Before you sign anything that may reduce your pay check, take note of all money coming in monthly. This should include money from all your businesses and salary if you are in formal employment. Next take note of all the expenses you must incur every month. Tally both the income and expenditure. Analyze the difference and see if you can afford to pay the mortgage you need. This can be much simpler if you have personal finance software. You may have to either reduce you loan amount or other expenses to fit the budget.

Mortgages and loans are good if well managed and serviced. They can however plunge a company or individual into financial crisis if not well planned.Personal finance software has offers the much needed assistance in budgeting.